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Welcome at Hitechvalley iNet - Your offshore IT service provider.

We are a web development, software development and consulting firm, established in 1997 in order to provide customized web development, software development and data processing solutions to businesses and to act as a offshore development center for overseas development firms.

Hitechvalley iNet was founded to bring businesses into the e-world by improving efficiency and online effectiveness. Since day one we have grown, evolved and gained valuable industry knowledge and experience adding to our credibility and status. Today we have a customer base spanning USA, UK, Canada, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Korea, Japan and Nepal.

Today Hitechvalley iNet as an IT service and consulting company that delivers a unique blend of real-business experience with a strong engineering, international project delivery and value chain optimization expertise.

Since 2001, Hitechvalley iNet has performed hundreds of projects in various industries for clients in more than 10 countries. Today Hitechvalley iNet provides the world's leading companies with information technology, business process optimization and automation, and consulting services.

With a fast and firmly growing presence in the American and European markets, Hitechvalley iNet gained in-depth experience in executing international projects for multinational customers, implementing services off-site and on-site.

Hitechvalley iNet approach to technology and business process optimization helps its customers to overcome their budget and resource challenges and to increase their competitive advantage.

Hitechvalley iNet facts

  • International IT service and consulting company with its corpoarate office in Kathmandu, capital of Nepal
  • Experience in international projects and value chain optimization since 2001
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified since 2004
  • Serves Fortune 1000 companies
  • The leading Nepalese IT company
  • Developer of the E-bidding System for Nepal
  • Software engineering and BPO operations
  • Corporate Level Trainings
Hitechvalley iNet was established in 2001 as an independent enterprise. Being a software development flagship in Nepal successfully designed and developed the first computer prototype in Europe.
Hitechvalley iNet registered as Privated Limited Company.The first international software project from the American Software company- Neteffort, Inc.Offshore development Unit for the Internet Business Development and Marketing company - eGlobal Markets Inc., Canada Offshore development for the software company - InforMe, The Netherlands Got Square Trade and US Search Certification and verification for Internet based business.
Started Joint Venture in Web based Total Tourism Management Concept with Grace Tours and Lotfian.com, Denmark Offshore Development Unit for Proexecute, inc, USA.
UNCTAD chose as the e-Champion of Nepal
CEO of Hitechvalley iNet got The Best Entrepreneur in IT award by The BOSS Magazine
Hitechvalley iNet becomes the first software company in Nepal to acquire ISO 9001:2000 Certification
CEO of Hitechvalley iNet got The Best Entrepreneur in IT award by The BOSS Magazine for the second time
Hitechvalley iNet opens its first 60 seater Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Center
Entered into the strategic partnership with Unified Software Solutions, USA
Started Mobile technology based games and solutions development for Japanese Market
Joined Hands with Music Nepal for selling digital version of songs, videos and wallpapers.
Hitechvalley iNet through development of E-bidding system (First time in Nepal) started its activities on E-governance sector of Nepal. Same year company started  Corporate Level  trainings on Egovernance, Project Management Systems, Management Information System and Decision Support Systems.
Through development of Management Information System (MIS) systems for organizations like RWSSFDB (WDB & IDB funded project), MEDEP (UNDP project), DCSI (Nepal Govt.) established as pioneer in MIS and DSS system development.
Technical association with US based companies VoCrate INC and Offerclick. 


Deployment of E-Bidding system on 15 + organizations.


Started developing GIS based management information system and developed Bridge Management Information System for DOR.


Started development for Mobile Applications on Android & iPhone platform.


Developed GIS based government owned building management and maintenance software for DUDBC.

2015 & 2016:

Developed Survey based Mobile application with Data consolidation in central server with Dashboard to monitor the survey and analyze the data to produce reports .


E-Library web system collect oral myth data from selected area using mobile app. Collected data is published for the users linking web portal with GIS..

We are different
We are proud of our reputation, offering a friendly and flexible approach which ensures long-term partnerships with our clients. We empower our clients, offering them direct control over their projects and supporting them every step of the way.

We do the right thing first time and every time
Hitechvalley iNet delivers with exceptional professionalism and full return on investment accountability.

What we offer
We offer complete range of web technology related services. Our services includes web design, application development and web promotion, web hosting, multimedia, data processing and consultancy providing our customers with cutting-edge technology and enabling them to compete in the revolutionary e-Business arena.

Our Commitment
At Hitechvalley iNet we are committed towards achieving high levels of customer satisfaction by ensuring quality, cost effective and timely solutions. It would be our endeavor to achieve this with technical, financial, business and moral excellence

To discuss your requirements further, please feel free to contact us at any time. We would be delighted to offer our best to you.

Mission and values
Hitechvalley iNet mission and values are fundamental to its success. They are an underlying base of organization, defining Hitechvalley iNet and setting it apart from other organizations. They form Hitechvalley iNet vision of the future, its business strategies, decisions, actions and behaviors.

To deliver high tech services of exceptional quality for organizations around the globe.

Hitechvalley iNet accomplishes this by attracting, retaining, and supporting the most talented engineers, business professionals, sales, marketing and support staff through creating a superior professional environment.

Company values
  • Quality of service
  • People are the topmost asset
Hitechvalley iNet offers exceptional quality in its services and always puts customers first, striving to exceed expectations at all times.

People are seen as Hitechvalley iNet key advantage and Hitechvalley iNet demonstrates this through its actions daily. Hitechvalley iNet strives for the most competitive solutions and the highest levels of expertise and performance in the world. Hitechvalley iNet earns the trust of its customers through excellence, reliability, dependability and empathy.

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