Employee Info :

S.N. Employee Name Designation View Detail
1. Aliza Tandukar Trainee View Detail
2. Amaresh Kumar Jha Consultant View Detail
3. Anil Sharma Senior Programmer View Detail
4. Bishnu Karki Trainee View Detail
5. Geeta Khadka Support View Detail
6. Gokul Parajulu Office Assistant View Detail
7. Mohan G.C. Programmer View Detail
8. Nabin Maharjan Designer View Detail
9. Narendra Maharjan Designer View Detail
10. Padam Gurung Senior Programmer View Detail
11. Pallawee Jha C.M.O. View Detail
12. Radha Raman Jha Trainee View Detail
13. Rajesh Kumar Shakya C.E.O. View Detail
14. Rohit Jha Process Manager / System Admin. View Detail
15. Roy Dolendra Senior Programmer View Detail
16. Sabin Chhetri Senior Programmer View Detail
17. Sanjay Yadav Programmer View Detail
18. Sapana Gautam Chief of Accounts View Detail
19. Sujan Neupane System Analyst / C.A.O. View Detail
20. Sunil - Trainee View Detail
21. Umesh Maharjan C.T.O. View Detail

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