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The Survey Mobile App simplies your survey processes in terms of both cost and time.The process of survey and to build survey report will be as follows.
1) Get Mobile Survey app and install in your mobile or tablet ( Applicable only for Android)
2) Get one day training on using mobile app.
3) Download survey forms as per your requirement using installed mobile app (optional)
4) For GIS based survey you can use both DGPS or internal GIS of your mobile/tab
5) Collect Data from field.
6) Upload data to central server connecting internet from your mobile/tab
7) For slow internet in the field, you can upload image data using web portal later
8) Our solution uses Geo-Server for the generation of GIS maps from data uploaded.

1) Highway Inventory Survey of Department of Roads, Nepal
2) Tap and Pipeline survey for water & sanitation project
3) Cultural sites survey of Lalitpur
4) Field monitoring survey

To get benefit of this readymade solution please fill up the form below detailing your requirement.This information is used as the foundation for creating the Statement of Work and a cost estimate for the project.
The ability to attach files is at the bottom of the form.

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