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IT services overview

Nowadays, computer systems are permeating almost all aspects of business life. Such situation produces a growing demand for services needed to create, administer, and maintain the software systems which are the core-differentiating component of these computers. Being an important backbone of organizations, professional and effective approaches are essential to manage software systems. Furthermore increasing competition and economic globalization requires cost efficient solutions to manage software systems. Most organizations have already realized this challenge and respond to it either though business value chain optimization and automation, or through development of international projects as part of their IT and software operations.
Established in 2001 today Hitechvalley iNet offers an extensive set of services. These services include:

  • Software engineering services
  • Software development services
  • Setting up and maintaining managed offshore facilities (offshore development center)
  • Managed IT services including systems administration, network management, technical support
  • Business process value chain optimization and automation services including data capture, data entry, and data processing

Managed offshore facilities

Hitechvalley iNet helps its clients to set up and maintain managed offshore facilities, or offshore development center (ODC). Offshore development center means building a dedicated team of software engineers who form a virtual extension of the client's team.

Using Hitechvalley iNet ODC service a client receives an opportunity to extend its engineering teams through employing in its projects specialists normally located in different geographical region with a tangibly lower cost structure in order to magnify cost reduction.

Many reasons which justify to looking for ODC include need to decrease and control operating costs, rectify company focus, gain access to world-class project management capabilities, and hard-to-find engineering resources, accelerate engineering capabilities, and minimize risks.

Through Hitechvalley iNet ODC service client can enhance different engineering groups such as development team, test team, technical support, IT support, etc. Size of team extension is either fixed or dynamic depending on client project needs. Team extension might include full-time assignees as well as part-time assignees. Team extension service utilizes either client's or Hitechvalley iNet process to operate remote team.
Hitechvalley iNet offers a complete set of management services for offshore development center, which includes but is not limited to:

  • personnel selection, recruiting, retention, motivation, performance management, training
  • adaptation and institution of appropriate technical and non-technical processes and procedures at Hitechvalley iNet to meet needs of specific client project
  • offshore IT infrastructure setup and management
  • work facilities management

Software engineering services

HitechValley iNet offers custom application development for all types of projects:

  • Software development from scratch
  • Ready to use E-procurement / E-bidding
  • MIS system / E-governance system
  • Application maintenance
  • product localization
  • Applications integration
  • Reengineering and reverse engineering
  • Software migration to another platform
  • Hitechvalley iNet can take over responsibility for all project lifecycle or part of it:
  • Requirements management
  • Architecture development
  • Implementation and coding
  • Software testing and verification
  • The project can be performed for many verticals including:
  • Banking
  • Telecommunication
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Education
  • Trade
  • Transport
  • Entertainment
  • Science
  • Other

Corporate Level Training


Hitechvalley iNet already established its name on corporate level training on E-Procurement / E-Bidding / E-Governance System, MIS System and Project Mangement techniques.

BPO: data capture

Going beyond IT outsourcing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is increasingly becoming the strategic choice of companies looking to achieve cost reductions while improving their service quality, increasing shareholder value and focusing on their core business capabilities.

Hitechvalley iNet's BPO practice is a combination of the right people with the ability to deliver solutions based on an end-to-end strategy. With the right combination of strategy, processes and technology the BPO arm is built on a solid platform of transition capability, processes, activity based management skills and ability to use all this to build and deliver business value. Hitechvalley's experienced senior team which is part of the BPO practice has the ability to conceive and implement for its clients solutions that deliver tangible business results and make an impact on their financial performance.

As a part of its portfolio, Hitechvalley provides data entry and verification services on an offshore basis. Hitechvalley Data Entry, Capture, and Processing center provides its customers with bulk processing of standard forms for different industries' domains.
Hitechvalley BPO center offers the following services:

  • key from image
  • OCR/ICR form processing
  • workflow team extension

Hitechvalley BPO center facts:

  • processing of large or small volumes
  • certified personnel
  • 365x7x24 operation

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